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KINGS ROW has the distinction of being named New England's #1 Oldies Band!
Their 4 CD's  featuring some of the band's original compositions, have vaulted their notoriety to a national level.  Dubbed The Region's Premier Oldies Band, by nearly every major radio station in the New England market.

Their first, highly successful CD titled By Request established KINGS ROW  as the best vocal and instrumental band ever to come out of southern New England. Their unmistakeable, lush harmonies have been acknowledged by super radio stations B101.5 and WODS 103.3 and they have been described as THE KINGS OF THE OLDIES.

KINGS ROW's elaborate musical arrangements and powerful four-lead-vocals makes every one of their performances exciting and memorable. They consistantly produce a sophisticated, emotional and romantic sound.

Their tremedous success and dominance in the oldies arena is a result of "The Kings Row Formula"; the combination of Wayne, Tommy, Dave and Ray's unique individual talents.

Founder and lead guitarist of the band is Wayne Lima of Lincoln, RI.  He is recognized as one of the elite guitarists in New England. Wayne's smooth, tasteful style provides the emotional foundation of the band. Wayne also serves as the band's producer. On bass guitar Tommy Santos ensures a full yet flowing dynamic to KINGS ROW's shows. Tommy's incredible vocal range has caused music critics to declare him "the best falsetto to ever come out of Rhode Island". Keyboardist Ray Maitoza sets the mood of the band with his symphonic string and piano adaptations. Ray's versital vocals perfectly compliment many of the fluid arrangements of the KINGS ROW sound. On drums Dave Teixeira delivers the solid, driving energy of KINGS ROW. Dave's performances always make a lasting impression. He and Wayne provide the third and fourth lead vocals to create between the four of them their incredible harmonies.

KINGS ROW has set the standard for exellence in oldies. Their new , original music further establishes them as true contemporary artists. the KINGS ROW journey continues forward. In the meantime sit back and enjoy their music. On behalf of KINGS ROW,  thank you for your support!